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[SA 13.9] The first class of animal consists of countless amounts of extraordinarily small white worms, which are so tiny that millions have adequate room in one normal drop of water. The second class is a larger class of worm which is already equipped with two arms. Even these are not visible to the keen eye of the Saturnites. These animalcule of the second level consume many thousands of the first species every second, and through this pattern their life into its own. The third class is a kind of elongated gray worm about the size of nematodes, namely the anguillula aceti. This animal class is very voracious and nourishes itself from the two lower classes and thus incorporates their life into its own. The fourth class are species of worms which have two heads and already have a length of 2.14 to 2.25 mm; towards the girth they are a little thicker, so that their shape is similar to a crescent roll. This animal only consumes its predecessors. The next class differs already from the previous ones by gender. In the preceding classes no difference in gender existed. This animal, however, on account of its two heads is structured in such a way that it unifies within itself the male and female principle, indicated by its two heads. The next or fifth class already consists of a kind of four-armed reddish coleopteron. This animal has a visible length of 4.28 to 4.50 mm and a body width of about 1.07 to 2.12 mm; it is a glutton because it eats all the preceding classes in countless amounts and thereby incorporates their life into its own. That is how, in the case of a thousand such levels of such living beings, one always enters into the other until they are accepted by the class of the crustacean.

[GGJ 7.214.6] Therefore we Romans and Greeks who have a better and clearer mind, are suffering a great need of which we cannot liberate ourselves with all the treasures of the world. Show us a way to go against it, then there also will be a light amongst us, and then many 1.000 times 1.000 men will be helped.'

[GGJ 7.216.8] Therefore, I affirm: the most blind fool is a 1.000 times happier than the greatest wise man, and it would be more reasonable to occupy ourselves with different things than with such unfruitful observations, because the more man knows and understands, the clearer it becomes to him that finally he knows nothing at all. And for such an extremely boring amusement of life I certainly will not be too thankful. I have said.'

[GGJ 7.218.7] In the world during our life in the body we all have gone through this same punishment and we were full of doubt about all kinds of things. Only the real separation of our body has convinced us that after the falling away of the flesh, one continues to live. And during this continuance of life, only those are doing well who were righteous and performed good deeds, but slanderers and those who were not righteous, hard and completely loveless, are in a bad situation, even a 1.000 times worse than those who are languishing here in the dungeons.

[GGJ 8.30.2] Only now we have a complete correct idea about You and also about ourselves, and we also know why it is necessary to do this or that, for otherwise it would not be possible for any human being to acquire true, eternal life. Now we really know God's Being and by that also ourselves. Now it is possible to continue on the well-lighted way to life. But how many 1.000 times 1.000 people have no idea of all this and have to continue on the way of destruction? When they possibly can be released from it, just like we now, this only You will know. We can only wish that the souls of those human beings may be released out of this too great tormenting as soon as possible. Because the lighter and freer we feel now by Your mercy, the more and deeper we also feel the misfortune of all those to whom this mercy was not granted.

[GGJ 8.47.15] (The Lord): "Look, many kings, who earlier bowed very deeply before the one who sits on the throne, are gathering their armies and are marching against him. Look, it leads to an embittered battle, and his exalted throne is sinking already quite a long way down completely into the city, and you only can see a few kings who so to say are only bowing before him for form's sake while now there are a lot of arrows and lightning that are send back by the many other kings who have become unfaithful to him. But now, almost nothing can be seen of him, and this will happen after 1.000 to 1.500 to 1.600 and 1.700 years.

[GGJ 8.72.12] During this 5th period, more than a 1.000 times a 1.000 years were needed before all the well-situated pieces of the surface of the Earth were completely suitable for a new creation of a great number of the most various plants, like grasses, herbs, bushes and trees, and furthermore also for all kinds of animals and pre-Adamic human beings.

[GGJ 8.72.18] Although this 5th prehistoric period of development lasted for many 1.000 times 1.000 of years, among these human beings there was still not any progress noticeable in their culture, but they continued to live their monotonous nomad life, and therefore, they only were a preliminary manure for the present-day human generation that resembles Me in every respect.

[GGJ 8.76.3] Those people were very inventive in earthly things and they invented already many thousands of earthly years ago a kind of explosive. When this was ignited, it destroyed everything. If you would pile up about 10.000 pounds of those terrible explosives at about 1.000 men heights deep in a cave under the mountain Lebanon, and then set it alight, then it all would ignite in one and the same moment, and the whole big, high mountain would burst asunder into many pieces, just as the Hanochites before Noah had done with many a mountain by which the inner floodgates of the Earth opened up and all did then perish in the high tidal waves.

[GGJ 8.92.7] Look, this is a real prayer to God if this is fervently, truthfully and in full seriousness spoken out in the heart of someone. But also this prayer has no value, even if it is spoken out a 1.000 times by someone with the mouth, but it has to be spoken out in the heart fervently, truthfully and with a full serious will, and man should also show by means of his deeds what the words of his heart mean, otherwise all that praying is an abomination in the eyes of God, because the eternal living God, who is love, wisdom, power and might Himself, does not let Himself be honored by false and dead words from the lips and from senseless offerings and ceremonies, but only by works according to My will. But these can and should be practiced by men every day and not only on the Sabbath. If man does that, then he makes of every day a true Sabbath and he does not have to wait for the 7th day of the week, which is for Me not more valuable than another day. Look, this is now My opinion. And you, scribe, temple servant, can now reply if you think that there is reason for it."

[GGJ 8.152.10] What do you think: is it for instance sensible that germinating plants, while they are still extremely tender, raise above the surface of the soil at a time when it is mostly still severe and stormy, and because of their weakness and tenderness will all too often and too easily be damaged by the storms, and will then grow out no more as fruits and ripen to be useful to men or animals? Would it actually not be more sensible to, already immediately at the beginning, let them come up from the surface of the soil completely strong, so that they then could no more be harmed by the severe storms, or to command the severe and bad storms to rest during that first time of development? Look, is this not what human cleverness could desire on very good grounds from the wise and almighty Creator of all things, because why would you let develop something at a time in which that which is developing is still exposed to 1.000 enemies?

[GGJ 8.154.3] But remember most of all what I have pointed out to you and to all the disciples on the Mount of Olives, namely that you who are proclaiming My gospel to the people, should mainly work by means of the power of the word, because a person who will come to full repentance by the word is a greater gain for My godly Kingdom than 1.000 people who are forced by signs and wonders to accept My teaching. Because the pure word and its light will remain forever, but the signs will disappear and are practically of no value to the descendants who did not witness it. That means that those things are only believed blindly as something extraordinary that happened in history, but they do not offer the believer any full conviction of the truth of My teaching, and they tempt others - idlers who are always strongly inclined to deceit - all too soon and too easily to accomplish false signs and wonders and bring by that the spectators to a dark superstition.

[GGJ 8.171.11] If someone would cheat you badly but according to the literal content of your laws you could do nothing to him because he dealt with you openly, but through a legal way he was able to take advantage of your weakness and he had cheated you for 1.000 pounds by means of a closed trade, buy or selling - which was for you all the more troublesome because you could not accuse him for that fact by any judge since every judge would answer 'Volenti non fit iniuria' - what would you say to the one who cheated you if he came to you and say: 'Friend, although I am protected by the law in all my doings, and you cannot do anything to me, but I became a just person and I have come now to indemnify everything in which I have ever cheated on you', and then he would give these 1.000 pounds back to you, and besides that he even would pay the interest which your 1.000 pounds would have produced if you had possessed it? Tell Me, how would you like such a way of acting?"

[GGJ 8.177.2] When I had said that to Kado, he said: "Dear Savior, Lord and Master, that which happened to me 3 times in a row on Patmos - more precisely on our big estate - is truly in itself very memorable and remarkable, but each word out of Your mouth is still unspeakably more memorable and more remarkable than 1.000 experiences as the one I had, no mater how well and truthfully they may be related. If I would relate this event somehow extensively, I would deprive You of the time in which You, in Your mercy, can give us a lot of life-awakening things."

[GGJ 8.189.5] Now I said: "How can you still ask such question while at My side you still have seen so many signs of the power of God's Spirit? Have you forgotten about all the things you have seen with the old Marcus in the vicinity of Caesarea Philippi, and do you not know anymore how Raphael only a couple of days ago has lifted up that old iron pillar in the house of Lazarus, and still 1.000 other signs? Then how, after you have seen all these things, can you still ask how the 12 priests of Joshua were able to bring these stones out of the Jordan to this place? Was perhaps God's power at the time of Joshua smaller than now? Do think about this and do not ask Me anymore for things that already a willing child in the cradle can understand."

[GGJ 8.218.10] I said: "The crippled and sickly people are only gentiles and still followers of their old gods. Bring them to the point of professing the one, true God, and show them the power of God's Spirit in man, awaken in them the faith and the love according to My teaching and heal them afterwards, then you will have nothing more to fear from them. After that, they still will be very helpful to you. And since they belong to you anyway, they also should stay with you, because you want to change many things here, so that nothing will be left anymore of what is old and false. After that, you will need many laborers, and all those who are living within these walls will be very useful. Besides, you have such an abundance of earthly goods to easily maintain and feed 10.000 people for 1.000 years, and that is why you also will be able to maintain and feed for a short time everyone who lives within these walls. Do you also agree on that completely?"

[GGJ 8.218.11] Roklus said: "O Lord and Master, eternal love, goodness and mercy. That was secretly also my plan for a long time, but precisely on that point my brothers did not want to share my opinion. But now that they have heard it clearly and understandably from Your mouth, they will, with Your mercy and help, very easily be able to put also these things right. And now a load of 1.000 pounds has fallen off my shoulders. Would You Yourself, o Lord, like to see this inn and institution?"

[GGJ 9.70.1] After this conversation among themselves the disciples turned to Me and said: "Lord and Master, You have said already several times that it will be given to us to well understand the secrets of the Kingdom of God, and You also have very clearly revealed to us already so many things, so that in the spirit we can well understand Your infinite creation and still 1.000 other things which no worldly wise person could ever imagine and which, even through personal investigation and seeking he will never be able to clearly imagine, for which reason all human knowledge was until now only piece-work. Please tell us now also something more specific about Your 2nd coming. In which time will You return, and where and how? Because we are of the opinion that also this is part of understanding the secrets of God's Kingdom."

[GGJ 9.71.5] As this is now happening before our eyes with the Jewry that is now without truth or faith, by which it has become a very big corpse that will be finished in about 50 earthly years, so it will also happen in later times with the teaching and the church that I am establishing now. It will become an even more terrible corpse than the Jewry now, and then also the free eagles of light and life will come over it from all directions, and with the fire of the true love and with the power of the light of truth they will consume it as a corpse that wants to spoil everything. And that can still happen before 2 full 1.000 earthly years after My life as I am now bodily present here amongst you, will have passed by – which I also have already explained to you at other occasions.

[GGJ 9.140.22] These things may serve to know this house in Jesaira somewhat better, of which however - nota bene - like many other places at the Lake of Galilee, not a trace can be found anymore for already more than 1.000 years, because the many wars and migrations with which these lands were often afflicted, destroyed and devastated everything. And now back to ourselves.

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