Chapter 1 The Childhood of Jesus

30. Here Joseph took Mary and said, 'May the alone holy will of My Lord and my God always be done! What You, O Lord, give, is always good - therefore I gladly and most willingly take this gift from Your hand. Now bless her for me and me for her, so I may be worthy of her before You now, as always. Your will be done, amen.'

31. When Joseph had said this before the Lord he was lifted up in his heart, then went out of the temple with Mary and led her into the land of Nazareth and there into his humble dwelling.

32. Much work awaited Joseph, so he wasted no time at home and accordingly said to Mary,

33. 'See, Mary, I have taken you into my home from the temple of the Lord, my God, according to His will. But I cannot remain with you now to protect you, for I must fulfill my contract to complete the house I showed you on our trip here.

34. But be assured that you will not be left at home alone. For I have a closely related housekeeper who is devout and just - she and my youngest son will be with you, and the grace of the Lord and His blessing will not leave you.

35. In a short time I and my four sons will return to you, and I shall be your guide in the ways of the Lord. The Lord God will now watch over you and my house, amen.'

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