Introduction The Earth

9. And in this way, many of them came and asked as the first ones had, but when the townspeople wanted to let them into the secrets of this work of art, they all became angry and said: "Until we have seen this with our own eyes, we can’t believe it!"

10. And behold, they led them into the tower. But when they caught sight of the almost countless cogs there, the many levers, cylinders, hooks, rods and still a thousand other mechanical contraptions and connections, they were actually mad and shouted and screamed: "Who can figure out and comprehend this mechanism? No human being could have created it! It would take a hundred generations just to count all the components of this mechanism, let alone to create it!" And all these strangers went away, totally bewildered.

11. Only a few agreed to be instructed about the correctness of this mechanism, although the simple artificer, who had not been scientifically trained, remained more or less of a stumbling block to the few better ones.

12. What might this parable teach? What is its inner, secret meaning? Everybody should contemplate about it a little and thus practice seeking the inner truths and discover as much in it as is possible for him until, in due course, the complete solution will be given. Amen.

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