Chapter 1 The Earth



The center of gravity of the Earth

1. When you study a body, whatever shape it might have, with a scrutinizing mind and eye, you will easily and quickly notice that three features can be observed, namely first its visual outer shape, i.e. its form with all its natural attributes, for example its circumference, its surface extending to all sides and the coloring of this surface; secondly, you will essentially perceive a certain volume that has some diameter in its length, width, and height; and this volume of the body shows, according to its nature, some weight or gravity notably toward a certain direction.

2. If, for example, you observe any stone, or any other regular or irregular lump, it will soon become apparent that it's center of gravity is not equally evident on all parts of it; In particular, you can see this most easily with a somewhat misshapen wooden peg by placing it on water, where it will always sink it's center of gravity deepest into the water. This would be the second point, which everyone can easily find with every object.

3. The third point of a body is it's real center - which, however, is never to be confused with the center of gravity of a body; and therefore every body has two centers, namely one of gravity and one of it's physical measure. You may also examine bodies of whatever kind, and you will never find that the center of gravity and the center of the body measure coincide completely in one; not even with a perfectly mathematically correct cast metal sphere, and that because absolutely nobody consists of such perfectly equal parts, according to which the center of gravity could coincide with the actual center of the body measure in completely one.

4. If, for example, you take pure steel as one of the most solid metal bodies of all metals, break such a steel bar in two, you will easily recognize the crystalline structure at the white fracture, which will appear to the unaided eye to be strikingly uniform; but observed with a microscope, this fracture surface will get an appearance like the sight of one discovering all kinds of larger and smaller elevations from a high mountain below. But if such a difference can be perceived in the crystalline structure of one of the most solid metal bodies, how much greater is such a difference with those far less solid bodies, whose crystalline structure is often easily perceptible to the naked eye between large and small, dense and less dense; and it is therefore all the more perfectly true that the center of gravity and the center of the body-measure can never coincide.

5. This principle could also be seen very easily by everyone in the preparation of a carriage. Someone should construct a perfectly mathematically even wagon beam from metal of as much the same density as possible, then hang it in the wagon fork, and he will see for himself that even with such a highly mathematically correct evenness, the two wagon beams, or rather the two parts of the same wagon beam, will never form a perfectly horizontal plane, but one will suggest something to the other, and the manufacturer of the scale will then have to come to the aid of the scale beam either on one side or on the other with a file or with a hammer. The cause of this, of course, lies in the above principle.

6. But as this relation is therefore evident with all bodies, so it is all the more at home with those bodies which did not receive a form by human hands, but which My power has formed in such a way, as they must be formed, in order to exist. Therefore, the center of gravity and the center of measure cannot be thought of on one and the same level as positive and negative polarity.

7. You will certainly ask: How is this to be understood? But there I ask you just about it instructively: Why are the two poles of a magnetic rod not found in it's mathematical center, but only mostly at the two ends of such rod?

8. Why is the germ tube of a seed not in the center of the seed, but mostly only on one part of the seed, while the center and the opposite pole of the germ tube are usually located one to three quarter parts of the entire seed-body content further inward and outward from the germ tube?

9. Why does neither man nor any animal not have the heart in it's measured center?

10. See, from these questions it is already self explanatory that the center of gravity of a body is something quite different from it's dimensional center.

11. If it is about the revelation of the center of the earth, then by it not so much the measure center, as rather the actual life or center of gravity of the earth is to be understood; because a revelation of the mere measure center of the earth would be, exactly regarded, an exceedingly significant ridiculousness, what can easily be seen, so one must assume the center of every body, thus also that of the earth, only as an ideal dot, which is already correctly defined according to your mathematical terms a something, which permits neither in length, nor in width, nor in thickness - also only the conceivably smallest possible diameter, thus is certainly in it's kind the most minute of all things, and you can certainly assume that already in an atomic creature, which not even the strongest solar microscope is able to discover, there would certainly still be room for countless billions of such points. The question therefore is: what would we have to reveal of this endlessly small being, which disappears so quite actually into the barest nothingness? One could only say: The center of the earth consists of nothing; then it would be already completely natural and spiritually revealed. The nothingness is both physically and spiritually considered synonymous: because where nothingness is, there everything naturally ends, and a nothingness is naturally and spiritually also really conceivable in nothing else, than in such a mathematical center of measure, for which reason we want to distance ourselves from this insignificant center of the earth, and want to turn to the extremely important center of gravity of the earth, which of course must be more voluminous and, with such a large body as the earth is, also of a significantly voluminous extension, in order to give the correspondingly acting impact on it's peculiar world-body life activity.

12. I can already see it in you through and through that you are already asking within yourselves: What does this center of gravity of the earth look like? What does it consist of? Is it a diamond lump, or is it pure gold, or iron, or even magnet? Or is it even a hollow space, filled with nothing but an eternally unquenchable fire, and serves perhaps even for the stay of the damned, and carries the respectable title: Hell, of which the fire-breathing mountains scattered here and there on earth are, in a way, chimneys?

13. There I say, there is no question of all this in the center of gravity of the earth; just as little as physically taken with the heart of a man, there can be a question of all this. The heart is neither a diamond, nor a gold nugget, nor is it iron and magnetic stone; The heart is not a hollow space filled with fire, but physically seen, it is an extremely artistic cellular fabric, within which the living soul, and in it the spirit of man, is and can be active like a weaver on his loom, because this loom is arranged for the formation of the natural life and for the temporary preservation thereof in such a way that through it's artistic construction, everything can be produced by the hands of the soul, which is necessary for the representation of the physical life. Once this loom has become unskilled in it's natural construction in something, then it does not go quite right with the production of the physical life any more. But if it has finally become completely inept and unskilful, then the soul can no longer use it, and it is time for it to leave this vain workshop.

14. Behold, the very same thing is the center of gravity of the earth. How? That will be the subject of our next consideration.

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