Chapter 9 The Household of God, Book 1

25. "Behold, Your great mercy has arisen within Me and come before My all-seeing eyes, and in the stillness of My holiness have I recognized Your great sincerity and eternal faithfulness. I have counted Adam's tears of repentance and Eve's tears of grief and have become filled with compassion through Your great mercy.

26. "And behold, I shall now withdraw My judgments and, as requested by you, let an abundance of mercy pour forth and repair the damage My judgments have caused. No one, except I alone, can do that, for no one is good but I, the holy Father, and this shall be My name forever. And You, My Love, are My Son, and the holiness, and the mightily all-effective bond of power between Us and all that has gone forth from Us, shall be the Holy Spirit and shall fill all the spaces of infinity forever and ever. Amen. This says the good and holy Father. Amen.

27. "And now, My beloved Son, tell also the penitent and grieving couple -engraving it deeply into their hearts -that they shall faithfully keep the commandments of love and mercy to the end of their days, and at a time I have decreed I will send them a mediator between Me and them to redeem the great guilt and lighten the great and heavy burden of their disobedience.

28. "Until then they shall abide in all patience and meekness, and the bread I will give them sparingly they shall eat gratefully by the sweat of their brow. And they shall never have enough, until the time of the mediator whom I will awaken from their midst and who will be perfect and good, as We are perfect and good and holy forever.

29. "And tell them also that I have withdrawn My judgments only for those who will conscientiously keep My strict commandments. But the trespassers are at the slightest transgression threatened with them forever in all the severity of the forever-holy truth.

30. "This speaks the holy and only good Father through His Son, who is the eternal Love within Him, and through the Holy Spirit, as the active grace out of Us both, for the future forgiveness of the sin, which shall now make their bodies troublesome and keep killing them temporally for the attainment of life after the death of the body, subsequent to the time of the promised mediator.

31. "This says the only holy and only good Father. Amen, amen, amen.

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