Chapter 2 The Great Gospel of John, Book 1

The Baptist bears witness to the Lord. [John 1, 6-13]

(John 1:6) There was a man sent from God, whose name was John.

1. This man, who preached repentance by the Jordan and baptised the converted with water, was called John. In this man dwelt the spirit of the prophet Elias, and this was the same angel spirit who in the very beginning defeated Lucifer and later on the noted mountain wrestled with Lucifer for the body of Moses (as Michael).

(John 1:7) The same came for a witness (from above) to bear witness of the light that all men (benighted men) through him might believe (i.e. through his light might recognise the primordial light that had come to them).

2. This one came as an old as well as a new witness from above, that is, from the primordial light as a light that he might bear witness to the primordial light, of the primal essence of God, who now took on the flesh Himself and in the full likeness of the human form, Himself as a man, came to His human being, who are out of Him, in order to once more illuminate them in their night, thereby to return them to His primordial light.

(John 1:8) He was not that light (out of himself), but was sent to bear witness to that light (that is, he bore witness to men's benighted feeling of exaltation that now the primordial light Himself had descended from His eternal height to men as a lamb in humility to voluntarily take all their weaknesses (sins) upon Himself thereby to give back to men the original light and make them His equals).

3. This man was, of course, not the actual primordial light itself, but like all beings only a partial light out of the primordial light. But because of his extreme humility, it was granted to him to stay united with the primordial light.

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