Chapter 2 The Great Gospel of John, Book 1

10. But they also found in such life that, thanks to it, they were not only My created beings, which was expressed by their lower life-consciousness, but that - since they carry My Self within them which only through the might of My will was given independence of Me - they are indisputably My very own children, because their light (their faith) is equal to My very own primordial light, wherefore it carries within the full might and power that dwell within Me and this might gives them the full right not just to be called My children, but to be it in all fullness.

11. For, faith is such a light and My name, toward which the mighty beams of this light are directed, is the power and might and the actual nature of My primal essence through which everyone accomplishes within himself the proper and fully valid sonship of God. That is why it says in verse 12 that all who will receive Me and believe in My name shall have the power within them to be rightly called ' children of God'.

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