Chapter 2 The Great Gospel of John, Book 1

It has already been plainly discussed in verse 5 how this world, that is, benighted men who with their entire being have gone froth from Me or, which is the same, from the primordial light (the word) could fail to recognise Me or the primordial light, notwithstanding all the forerunners and proclaimers of My advent. However, it has to be specially mentioned that in this case under ' world' is not to be understood the earth, as carrier of souls under judgment which actually constitute matter, but only those people who, although partly derived from this matter, no longer belong, or are supposed to belong, to this primeval soul matter under judgment once they have been made independent beings, for it would really be asking too much if I demanded of the stone, which is still in an extreme state of judgment, to recognise Me. This can justifiably only be expected of a liberated soul in which My Spirit is dwelling. – The Great Gospel of John, Book 1, Chapter 2, Paragraph 6

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