Chapter 196 The Great Gospel of John, Book 1

2. Sampling the foods, Kisjonah finds the cooks are telling the truth. He quickly betakes himself back to the big room where I was, and the youth asks him, 'Now, are you happy with me Kisjonah?'

3. Says Kisjonah, 'Much of the supernatural has indeed already taken place in my house, for which I could not account other than say, with God all things are possible. Yet this nevertheless is the most incredible so far. To carry out in a moment a task that could have taken a solid day's work, that as said, through a man filled with God's spirit is understandable. But that a hundred tasks in widely separated locations can be simultaneously carried out by one human being in just one moment is a completely different thing, and to a mortal is entirely beyond grasp or intellectual acumen, and I can only once again say, Lord, have mercy upon me, a poor sinner, for never shall I be worthy of Your living under my roof.'

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