Introduction The Grossglockner

Introduction - Listen and then look and experience!

1. Dear children, if you follow Me, then follow Me fully in everything I do. Do not wish to walk in deep valleys, trenches and ravines, which are often full of vermin, impure air and not seldom among the neighbors full of discord, quarrels, hatred, thievery and mutual curses, but go with Me gladly on the mountains and high elevations! You should always experience either a Sermon on the Mount, or a Transfiguration, or a satiation with a little bread, or a cleansing of leprosy, or a victory over the strongest temptations, an awakening from death, and so many things that are unspeakable to you now; yes, take even children with you, and you shall clearly see the blessings of the mountains on them!

2. He who has a weak body shall not fear the blessed mountains, for their peaks are surrounded by the invigorating breath of the spirits of life. Yes, in the mountains and high elevations, blessed row's turn and adorn the fragrant peaks with golden flowers of eternal love! O today test the inhabitants of the mountains, whether they are not in most cases shameful of the quarrelers in the valleys, hamlets, markets, and cities! The Christian hospitality lives on mountains still undefiled; the acceptable harmony does not live in deep-lying cities, in valleys and trenches, - on mountains you only must look for them, there she is at home, among the vegetation and among the animals and often also among the people.

3. O let two enemies enter the fragrant peaks of the Alps: you will discover and see the enemies as friends often caressing one another. The wolf, this ravenous beast thirsting only for blood rarely seeks his healing herbs on the mountains, and in so doing spares the bleating flocks of lambs.

4. O look back to the first fathers of fathers on earth: they dwelt at the heights of the mountains! From heaven-towering Sinai I gave to Moses the holy tablets on which with golden characters of eternal life free laws were drawn up and deeply embedded for the people of the stained depth.

5. I don't need to tell you any more about all the sacred mountains, nor of the school of the seers and prophets of the eternal Word out of Me; go often up into the mountains, and gladly dwell there for a while, there you will for all times experience the fullness of the blessing of the eternal love of the Holy Father! As already suggested to you by Me, the "Kulm" will give to him, who out of love for Me will ascend the green peaks, what once Mount Tabor has given to Peter, James and My John. But listen, I do not say "must", nor "shall"; only those who can and those who want to follow Me, his Master and Father, he will soon discover why I spoke the sermon of heaven from the mountain to the people! You choose the time; the sooner, the better, remember that, Amen! I, your Father say this full of holy Love to you; hear it, Amen, Amen, Amen!

The Grossglockner in a new light.

6. In the pure clean land, / Where the pure air blows, / Where in loving union, / Brothers walk in one accord, / There also rise above the clouds, / Friendly gloomy, noble witnesses, / Who even bear great burdens, / Sacrifices too, that ascend on high!

7. Among these many witnesses, / Who adorn this little country, / Shows in quiet - noble silence, / Clearly still the great confusion. / Many know this witness, / Far and wide he is discussed, / Still, how many allude to him, / Not much is sensed (up) here!

8. How he is crevassed, jagged, / And how high he rises, / How he is at his feet, / How much snow and ice he carries, -/ Such is not discussed here, / But what the giant says, / Is briefly here revealed. / And so, know, who is asking:

9. Of what benefit are such heights? - / Such heights must be frequently used: / When angry spirits blow / And in conflict over-heat / Threaten your earth' with fire, / Craving to destroy it all / Yes, in fierceness fire-flame. / Already many a grass is charred, -

10. See, the high sentry reaches out / Far round himself with a thousand arms / All the deceitful types / Firm and cold without any mercy / So "by the collar", as you would say/ Pulling them from all sides, / Then no one dares to move, / None, continues to enlarge!

11. Has he drawn them to himself, / All the wicked trouble-makers, / Those who repeatedly lied to the earth, / They, the madman of the earth, / Apprehended here at once / By the hordes of peaceful spirits / And on the iron honed dull, / Blunt for the lust for distant murder.

12. Now transformed into snow and ice / Lying there in trillions / Already outdated as towering ornaments gray and aged / On the cold sovereign thrones. / See the Glockner's useful reign, / See, how he serves for order, / Hence his rough appearance, / That is why he towers high!

13. Only created for this purpose / Has he truly not become, / To justly punish at all times / Wicked spirits of peace-less hordes! / All that is still in him, / All that he still does, / Will be hatched as a whole / And clarified in a beneficial way! Amen.

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