Introduction The Grossglockner

I don't need to tell you any more about all the sacred mountains, nor of the school of the seers and prophets of the eternal Word out of Me; go often up into the mountains, and gladly dwell there for a while, there you will for all times experience the fullness of the blessing of the eternal love of the Holy Father! As already suggested to you by Me, the "Kulm" will give to him, who out of love for Me will ascend the green peaks, what once Mount Tabor has given to Peter, James and My John. But listen, I do not say "must", nor "shall"; only those who can and those who want to follow Me, his Master and Father, he will soon discover why I spoke the sermon of heaven from the mountain to the people! You choose the time; the sooner, the better, remember that, Amen! I, your Father say this full of holy Love to you; hear it, Amen, Amen, Amen! – The Grossglockner, Introduction, Paragraph 5

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