Chapter 15 The Household of God, Book 1

8. And behold, here Abel was prompted to action. With his right hand he wielded the sword of justice above the head of Cain and Cain's eyes became opened and he saw his great guilt in accusing God and his parents. He recognized the whole guilt within himself and saw the inscrutable ways of eternal Love in Its mysterious and boundless wisdom and understood that he himself was actually the seductive serpent which, thanks to eternal Love's boundless mercy, bad become man through him. In this way it could - and should have -, though by greater trials, become aware of its present unblessed state of infirmity and in this awareness in the full independence and freedom of its being turned to the Lord of all the might and power. Then it would have, like the already blessed, received the fullest, most powerful blessing and thereby re-admittance to the great grace of all- merciful Love.

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