Chapter 6 The Household of God, Book 1

8. Behold, as the earth rotates regularly around the stillness of its poles according to My order, effected by the might of My love, so that none of its parts remain without light, also an your actions shall result from My love which dwells within you since the beginning, and is later activated according to your ability through the Word of eternal Love given in the law of grace and mercy. And as the night refreshes the earth, so you shall be refreshed by love; and the light from the sun of grace, like the day on earth is illumined shall illumine you.

9. You shall be like the winter, which is cold in its stillness and thereby above all capable of receiving the warmth into the deepest depths of the earth. And to whom winter has come, spring will come too, as the first life of love within you. And summer will come in the fullest activity out of the life of love, which through grace has become strong within you. Then quiet autumn will come with the fruits of the labors of love and grace and you will enter into the life of the sun as fully reborn to behold the countenance of your holy Father and, like the sun, give light to all the world through the great power of the grace, love and mercy of your exceedingly good and holy Father.

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