Chapter 9 The Household of God, Book 1

13. Now hear and understand well the dreadful words of anger from the depths of the wrath of the Deity, which were as follows:

14. "What good is to Me the groaning and raving of the earth, the weeping of the moons, the lamenting of the suns and the wailing of the stars! For I am alone, forsaken by My Love, which has become faithless to Me and gone down to the earth to the twofold evil scum. What shall I do without It? Therefore, I shall destroy Its entire works from the foot and annihilate everything and leave nothing that in all the future Eternities of eternities might draw My Love away from Me. And I shall remain the only God forevermore as I was from the Eternity of eternities. And you, rotten structure created by My Love which became weak, tumble down into nothingness that I may find My Love again and strengthen It once more through the might and power of My eternal holiness!"

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