Chapter 9 The Household of God, Book 1

18. "Great almighty God in all Your might, power and holiness! Withdraw Your great wrath and extinguish the fire of Your all-destroying anger and hear in the stillness of Your holiness the words of Your eternal Love, which is the only life within You. It is eternal as You are and mighty and powerful as You out of It and It out of You. Do not destroy the life within It, and Yourself through It, but show mercy and let Love give You satisfaction and demand atonement for Your injured and offended holiness. No sacrifice shall be too great for Your Love, which You might demand from It for the eternal atonement of Your holiness!"

19. And now behold, hear and understand well what happened thereupon and what the Deity answered. The fire became subdued, and from all the spaces blew a gentler breeze, still mixed with the roaring thunder of the flying debris from the dissolved worlds which, still burning, flashed like immense flashes of lightning from one boundlessness to the other. And Love understood the thunder of God Who spoke with vehemence:

20. "I will place all the guilt upon You, like the debris of the worlds are cast upon the earth. You shall extirpate the offense caused to My holiness, which is the perpetual bond between Me and You. Behold, I curse the earth that no stain may defile My holiness and I might become an unholy God like You. And this curse shall be with Your guilt, which You have to bear and to extirpate for the sake of My holiness, washing the earth with Your blood from the curse of the disgrace through Adam's sin."

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