Chapter 5 The Household of God, Book 1

And so through the breath of the mercy of Love the earths were made to revolve around their guns and rotate around their own centers for a sign to the children that they may in all they do follow the example of the earths' movement around the suns and the moons around the earths. And the weak shall be like the moons and the strong like the earth, and the reborn shall be like the sun. And the weak shall behold the strength of Love that never forsakes them if they, like the moons, steadfastly turn towards the face of Love, revolving around it in smaller circles, yet by its power are also drawn into the great circle. And the strong shall be like the earth, rotating independently, in order to hold themselves ready at all times to receive the light and warmth from the grace of Love. Through its inner power this gives them light, warmth and life that they may produce fruit of all kinds from the works of love, which give food to the weak, refresh the incarnate and delight the reborn. And the reborn out of the waters of merciful Love, within whom grace is perfect, shall be like the sun. Their light shall shine everywhere and their warmth shall revive the weak and stimulate the strong towards nourishing the weak, that there may be fellowship among the children of One and the same Father. – The Household of God, Book 1, Chapter 5, Paragraph 34

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