Chapter 6 The Household of God, Book 1

Now lift your eyes from the earth to the sun, which is a true image of the reborn! Look closely and you will notice that there sometimes appear spots on its belt. Behold, from a natural point of view they are eruptions from within, as from the volcanoes of the earth. They represent eruptions of the Deity's wrath and small indications of It's all-destructive might which, according to the nature of the world, always makes itself partly known on earth through more or less violent storms, depending on the size of the spots. However, Love then becomes all the more active and appeases everything again with the water of mercy and on the sun with great floods from the boundless sea of It's merciful grace. And behold, in this way everything is once more restored to perfect order, wherein I am eternal Love Itself from the Eternity of eternities. Out of, and in this order everything that exists was made and nothing can be or come into existence outside of it. And whoever voluntarily steps out of this order acts adversely to love and life and will perish forever. – The Household of God, Book 1, Chapter 6, Paragraph 1

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