Chapter 9 The Household of God, Book 1

And eternal Love saw that each of these tears of Eve was righteous before Adam, the son of merciful Love. And the warmth of eternal Love hardened these tears to little stones, and their name was "Urim", as a symbolical sign of Eve's just tears. And lo, a tear dropped on the thorn-bush that sheltered her, and this was a tear of lost innocence. It colored the otherwise white flower of the bush, and its flowers became reddened as a sign of the lost innocence of Eve. And though people know by now already all the plants on earth, they are not aware of their true meaning in spirit and in truth and they will not know and understand this until they have attained to their rebirth, which is the mercy of eternal Love through the grace of salvation within them. – The Household of God, Book 1, Chapter 9, Paragraph 4

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