Chapter 1 The Moon

6. But if this were the case, ask yourselves: Who then could live on such a celestial body? He would only live as long as he were to remain underneath the layer of air and water; but if the planet were to rotate out of this layer, he would inevitably have to suffocate in the space void of air if he had not already drowned earlier under the layer of water.

7. Now see, this would be the case also with the moon, if its rotation were as slow as that of the earth! It would have to rotate five times as fast around its axis in order to dispense the air, water and fire properly on its surface, that means: Within 24 earth hours, it would have to rotate five times around its own axis, which would then lead to nothing other than the complete destruction of the moon, and the earth would be littered with lots of moon particles. But I don’t have to explain to you in more detail what effect matter crashing from the moon to the earth would create; but I say only that nobody would remain alive in such a case.

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