Chapter 2 The Moon

The moon people (8 May 1841)

1. As for the people in the moon, they are of both genders, as on earth, but were created a thousand years later by an empowered angel.

2. As for their natural size, they are only a little over two shoes tall, and have much resemblance to the Nordic dwarfs; they have a very large stomach, which has a double function with them: one for the digestion of food by the ordinary gizzard; the other by virtue of a second stomach for the accumulation of a kind of light gas, which gives them a triple advantage;

3. for it firstly makes it easy for them to jump over any river very easily because they cannot build a bridge over the rivers due to the lack of timber; and if there are rivers of great breadth, or here and there inland seas, they can easily swim over the surface, like a fish. So this is the first advantage of this stomach.

4. As for the second advantage, it consists in the fact that by expelling this air, they produce a kind of banging sounds, by means of which they make their presence known to each other in their subterranean chambers; they also use this air for a stronger external language, which, of course, is only meager in the highest degree; for their lung language is extremely weak and silent, and only this language is spoken by the moon people for the improvement of their inherent spirits; the actual moon person has initially an abhorrence of this language; but when the spirit gradually becomes better, the soul of the moon person then befriends the indwelling spirit of an earth-human to be improved, until at last the soul of the moon person becomes completely one with the improved spirit, which state then also brings about the usually painless death of the moon people's body.

5. A third advantage of this stomach air is that they warm up their underground caves by a frequent outflow during the cold night time, which happens in the following way: Since their cave dwellings look almost like, or rather are hollowed out from the inside in such a way that they almost resemble a large, shallow bell, the entrance to which is made from the ground up by a kind of staircase, the light air expelled then collects under this airtight living bell and makes their dwelling tolerably warm, and prevents the free inflow of the outer extremely heavy atmospheric air; this is only absorbed by this light gas as far as it is inevitably necessary for physical life. The this stomach air has same purpose also in the unbearably hot day periods, in which these moon people must likewise go under the earth, only with the difference that this gas is changed by the effect of the stomach into a cooling oxygen gas, by which it protects then also their bell-dwelling with repeated expelling, against the penetration of the hot air. This is the third advantage of this wind stomach.

6. Another peculiarity of these people is that their eyes are of double quality; the first quality is that of sight, as with you; but the second quality is that their eye in their dark chambers also serves them as a light, which quality is found even on earth both in certain animals and in some regions in people, namely in those whose eye pupil is red, as in rabbits. Another peculiarity of these people is their extremely acute hearing, by virtue of which they can easily hear the slightest sound from a considerable distance, which is why their ear funnels are significantly larger and more compact.

7. The male gender is much stronger than the female; but not in the ratio of the earth, but in such a way as the strength of a ten-year-old child relates to the full strength of a man; therefore these moon people are also of the greatest tenderness towards their wives, and literally carry them not only on the hands, but so on the shoulders, so that the feet hang down on both sides of the neck on the chest, for whatever reason two people are always seen there one above the other.

8. The woman is allowed to do almost no work at all, and is fed by the man, in such a way that the man even chews the food thoroughly and then gives it from his mouth to the woman. She comes out of the house only on his shoulders only in case of an emergency, and in her high pregnancy, when she is close to childbirth. A woman gives birth only twice in her whole lifetime - once during the day and once during the night, but always gives birth to four living children, namely four males during the day and four females during the night. The children can walk immediately, and the males are also immediately accustomed to carry the females. That the children there sometimes die as children is just as natural a thing as on earth. They are inhabited by foreign spirits only when they are a hundred days or more old.

9. All these moon people have the second sight, and are instructed in the knowledge of God from within by the angelic spirits assigned to them; and the instruction they receive from the angelic spirits is at the same time also an instruction for the indwelling earth-spirit; and in this way the moon person's soul supplements the damage which a man on earth has suffered to his soul through his arrogant worldliness; And so such a man, who has been rigorously improved on the moon, has a patched up soul, and by this very fact will eternally differ from the perfectly pure spirits, and will never be able to enter into their free societies; but will relate to them just as the moon does to the earth, which, although it constantly accompanies the earth, can never approach it, as a friend does to his friend.

10. Only those spirits who did not need to be placed in a moon human in order to improve themselves, but who as spirits had already acquired a most revolting disgust for the earth, will be led away from there into higher regions and can be taken up into the child-kingdom, as their highest level of bliss; but to reach higher, would be impossible for them; because their limited quality would not be able to endure a higher state, as little as a man on earth, as long as he still lives in the body, could endure living in the finest ether.

11. Behold, this is the lot of the best world-minded people; for whoever does not voluntarily renounce the world out of love for Me - but the worldly things must be driven out of him by such extraordinary means of coercion, by virtue of My great mercy - he has not acted freely; but whoever does not act freely, he acts like a slave. Who, however, can regard the forced action of a slave as self-meritorious? But if the slave fulfills his compulsory condition, his action is nevertheless worth so much that he is given a loaf of bread to eat, so that he may also live, insofar as he has worked willingly, as it were, of necessity.

12. From this you will now be able to fully understand why such beings are not capable of a higher bliss than the children in the transition from life into the spiritual, after which they themselves are, and must be, nothing but slaves of blind obedience.

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