Chapter 2 The Moon

10. Only those spirits which did not need to be placed into moon people in order to improve, but who, as spirits, already had a genuine disgust for the earth will be guided away from there to higher regions and may be admitted into the children's kingdom which is the highest level of bliss for them. But to reach higher levels would be impossible for them because their limited nature would not enable them to endure a higher state, just as human beings on earth would not be able to survive in the finest ether while still living in the physical body.

11. Behold, such is the fate of the best worldly-minded human beings. For he who does not voluntarily renounce the world out of love for Me and from whom worldly obsessions must be exorcized by extraordinary means of coercion by virtue of My mercy, that man has not acted on his free will; but he who does not act on his own free will, acts like a slave. But who can consider the coerced deeds of a slave as his own merit? But if a slave fulfills his obligations forced on him, his action is nevertheless worth enough to give him bread for nourishment, so that he may live because he willingly worked, even though, in a manner of speaking, by compulsion.

12. From this, you will now be able to completely understand why such beings are not capable of experiencing higher bliss, just as children are not capable of it when they are in the transition from the earthly into the spiritual life and they still are and have to be nothing but slaves of blind obedience.

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