Chapter 2 The Moon

9. All of these moon people have second sight and are taught from within about the recognition of God by the angel spirits that are sent there. The education they receive from the angel spirits serves the inherent spirit of the terrestrial human being at the same time, and in this way, the soul of the moon man then repairs the damage that a human being on earth inflicted on his soul through his very foolish obsession with worldly things. Thus, a human being that has been reformed under such rigorous circumstances has a patched soul, and he will eternally be distinguishable from completely pure spirits. He will never be able to join in their free companionship, but will always relate to them exactly as the moon relates to the earth. The moon indeed accompanies the earth consistently, but it may never approach the earth as friend to friend.

10. Only those spirits which did not need to be placed into moon people in order to improve, but who, as spirits, already had a genuine disgust for the earth will be guided away from there to higher regions and may be admitted into the children's kingdom which is the highest level of bliss for them. But to reach higher levels would be impossible for them because their limited nature would not enable them to endure a higher state, just as human beings on earth would not be able to survive in the finest ether while still living in the physical body.

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