Chapter 1 The Natural Sun

13. Wherefore, there is a truly limitless diversity in the plant kingdom upon the solar earth; for no two similar plants can be found between two adjacent neighbours, because each entices up different plants from the ground they occupy. And were one of you to journey through the extensive solar areas for many thousands of years, he would indeed constantly come upon new and wondrous species and forms; but he shall not find two plants that completely resemble each other. Behold, from this example alone you can already appreciate why the sun is a perfect planet. The same thing occurs on each heavenly or smaller planet too, but imperfectly.

14. Likewise upon your Earth, existing plants can be altered, grafted or improved but in a much more cumbersome and restricted way. Only in the spiritual domain is there evidence of similar perfection in humans on other planets too, as for instance the fruits of poetic imagination, whether in the conceptual language, as expressed in words or the language of creative arts, or through corresponding pictures with the aid of paints and other suitable materials; but most of all through the language of tones with which the composer can unfold supreme diversity, if his spirit is attuned in that field. But even this apparent perfection upon the planets is only a dim image of what is found in every thinkable subject upon the perfect sun planet.

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