Chapter 1 The Natural Sun

7. Such is indeed also the case with the soil of your planet, but the globules are brittle and so do not yield to a blow or fall, but rather compress further. And, if lying undisturbed alongside one another for many consecutive years, they grip together so stubbornly as to turn to stone, then offering still more stubborn resistance in the natural state than they did in their separate units, for which reason a planet's vegetation must needs be more meager than upon the perfect sun-planet.

8. Because on a planetary body such as your Earth, a rather rough seed, with its germ first has to decay, and then through this very process cause the surrounding soil to simultaneously decay or soften so that the germ then liberated can absorb its appropriate ether sustenance from the softened earth globules. Whereupon it has to immediately drive a large number of rootlets between the earth particles, softening them therewith and then crushing them through its growing bulk to gain additional plant-growth substance.

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