Chapter 1 Saturn

12. Because the more artfully a mechanic constructs his work, the more multifarious must be the purpose of such a work. And just like the mechanic who has incorporated various determinations in an artful work in order to attain various purposes, I, as the Greatest Mechanic in the universe, would not place such a celestial body so artfully into the vastness of space without a great significant purpose. Since I consider even the smallest particle of solar dust to be significant, how much more important must a celestial body such as this great planet be? I did not create it to be a mere toy.

13. As a consequence of this revelation regarding this celestial body, you will be taught its purpose from such a sublime aspect that it will rob you of your breath. You were already surprised and experienced certain emotions when I revealed the moon. [This information can be found in Earth & Moon by Jakob Lorber.] But how will you react when you travel to this celestial body with Me for a little while? All I can say is that you will experience great things therefore prepare yourself. You will hardly believe what you will see. Whenever I reveal such great things, the only beings that belong are beings who have a big heart in order to comprehend and honor this greatness. Once you have received all the information about this celestial body in so far as it is possible for you to comprehend, then you will begin to appreciate the meaning of the verse in the Bible which states: Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him. (No human eye has seen, no human ear has heard, and never has it entered into a man’s heart or mind that which God has prepared for those that love Him.)

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